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Audience sitting in an auditorium, waiting for a speaker to begin a presentation displayed on a large screen.

CO Safety Summit


National Association of State Fire Marshals


National Carbon Monoxide Awareness Association


International Fire Marshals Association


July 29

8:40 AM

10:00 AM

10:50 AM

National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM) Opening Ceremonies

Three National Organizations Bringing It All Together

NCOAA / IFMA / NASFM Group Photo Session

11:30 AM

CO Safety Coalition / NCOAA

Charon McNabb, NCOAA

12:00 PM

Lunch with NASFM & IFMA

1:00 PM

CO Safety Coalition: Updates From The Work Groups

1:00 PM

Emergency and Trade Response

1:30 PM

Christopher Damm, Milwaukee School of Engineering

John Tippet, National Fall FireFighter Foundation

Science and Technology

Adrian McConnell, CO Research Trust

Louise Laing, CrowCon Detection

2:00 PM

Codes, Standards, & Regulations

Richard Roberts, Honeywell Buildings

Rob Troutt, State of Texas

2:30 PM

Data Surveillance

Matt Hinds-Aldrich, American Association of Insurance Services

Eric Thibodeaux, R.E.M. Risk Management

3:20 PM

Update From The CO Research Trust

Adrian McConnel, CO Research Trust

Mari Herigstad, Sheffield Hallam University

Liam Ridge, Sheffield Hallam University

3:50 PM

Perspective of the CO Poisoning Survivor

6:30 PM

Dr. Julie Conaway, Liverpool John Moores University

Hillary Waering, IPIP

Wild, Wild West Banquet – Ticket Required

July 30

8:00 AM

The Role of Hospitality and CO Safety

Chuck Heathco, John Heathco Memorial Foundation
Eric Thibeaux, R.E.M. Risk Management
Rob Troutt, Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation

Gordon Johnson, The Brain Injury Law Group

9:00 AM

Exploring the CO Data Ecosystem

Henri Menager, KDHE
Matt Hinds-Aldrich, American Association of Insurance Services
Dr. Rebecca Close, UK HAS

10:00 AM

Education Best Practices and Messaging – Audience Survey

Scott Damon, Center for Disease Control
Lesley Rohrbaugh, UL Standards & Engagements
Kelly Ransdell, National Fire Protection Association

11:00 AM

Role of Trade Professionals

Dr. Christopher Damm, Milwaukee School of Engineering
Thomas Deary, AHRI
Jonathon Kane, Kane International
Joel Amato, National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors

12:00 PM

1:00 PM


Exhibition Hall

July 31

9:00 AM

Reimaging CO Alarms

Jaqueline Wilmott, Fire Protection Research Foundation

9:45 AM

10:30 AM

11:15 AM

Community Partnership Programs: More Lives are Saved Through Prevention than Rescue

Dot Kesling and Kathy Sipple, LOK Wishing Tree Foundation
Don Johnson, The Lauren Project

CO Safety Grant Winners

Take Aways from the Survivor Toolkit Workshop

12:00 PM

NCOAA Summit Adjourns

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