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The CO Safety Coalition & CO Safety Summit support both NCOAA’s mission and vision.


The National Carbon Monoxide Awareness Association (NCOAA) is a non-partisan, grassroots, civic-minded organization that is focused on eradicating carbon monoxide poisoning and helping carbon monoxide poisoning survivors recover to lead a happy, healthy, and productive life.

Our mission is to drive a comprehensive conversation on the public health crisis of chronic and acute carbon monoxide poisoning.

Our vision is an end to injury and death due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

The CO Safety Coalition brings together professionals, survivors, advocates, and more from every sector to impact codes & standards, regulations, products, public awareness, and more.

The CO Safety Summit gives the CO Safety Summit a platform to discuss their work, start a comprehensive conversation, and bring people together who have the same goal in mind: to eliminate carbon monoxide poisoning.

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