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We thank the organizations that have financially supported the 2024 CO Safety Summit. Please take time to get to know them and visit them at the Summit.


National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM)

NCOAA is proud to launch the CO Safety Coalition at NASFM’s 33rd Annual Fire Prevention & Safety Symposium. NASFM's Mission Is Two-Fold: 1) To protect human life, property and the environment from fire. 2) To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of State Fire Marshals' operations.

The membership of National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM) comprises the most senior fire officials in the United States. State Fire Marshals' responsibilities vary from state to state, but Marshals tend to be responsible for fire safety code adoption and enforcement, fire and arson investigation, fire incident data reporting and analysis, public education and advising Governors and State Legislatures on fire protection. Some State Fire Marshals are responsible for fire fighter training, hazardous materials incident responses, wildland fires and the regulation of natural gas and other pipelines.

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UL Standards & Engagement

At UL Standards & Engagement, we mobilize a wide array of global safety science experts to oversee the creation of trusted standards and public outreach programs that guide the safe and sustainable use of both emerging and legacy products.

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UEi Test Instruments

Proudly family-owned and operated since 1954
In 1954, Douglas and Betty Kane started the Kane Group in London, UK. From modest beginnings, a global business has developed. In 1992 UEi Test Instruments joined the Kane Group. We design, manufacture, market, service and support portable test equipment that every day enables thousands of professionals to do their jobs around the world. 

Our products save lives, reduce business costs and protect the environment. 

We have 2 primary manufacturing hubs - Kane International in the UK and UEi (Asia). In the US and Canada, our products are sold under the UEi brand and under multiple private labels. We employ over 200 people in 8 countries on 3 continents with 4 manufacturing facilities and centers providing local staff, stock, and service. 

Our recertification centers in USA and Canada are ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited facilities and can provide NIST certification services. Our recertification teams are factory certified and proud to provide industry-leading turnaround support and only uses EPA protocol test gases. UEi backs these products with industry-leading warranties, professional service technicians, in-store training, knowledgeable technical phone support, and prompt recertification. 

UEi remains a family-owned, family-managed business - just like so many of our customers’ businesses

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Established in 1983, Figaro USA Inc. is a global leader in the development, manufacture, and supply of gas sensing products that ensure home safety and comfort for all.

The company's main products include electrochemical carbon monoxide sensors as well as semiconductor type gas sensors for the detection of combustible, refrigerant, and VOC gases. Our other product offerings include, catalytic type gas sensors, and infrared type gas sensors. These gas sensors are widely used around the world in a broad range of markets, including safety product, gas detection, home appliance, HVAC, and automotive industries.

When it comes to gas sensors, contact Figaro USA.


As part of Halma Group (a group of organizations dedicated to providing safety, health and environmental technologies), Crowcon has been a leader in the gas detection industry since 1970. Our vision is to protect people and the environment from gas hazards by providing both single and multi-gas monitors, enabling personal and larger-scale monitoring. 


Safe Kids Worldwide™ (Safe Kids) is a nonprofit dedicated to protecting kids from preventable injuries. Safe Kids is a go-to resource to help parents and caregivers keep kids safe from traffic injuries, fires, falls, poisoning, drowning, and more. Through more than 400 coalitions in the U.S. and partners in more than 30 countries, Safe Kids works with children’s hospitals, trauma centers, first responders and public health experts to get evidence-informed, life-saving education to families, no matter where they live. Safe Kids engages in all pillars of public health and prevention which include research, education, awareness, and public policy advocacy. Our comprehensive model puts the issue and families with children at the center of all that we do and makes us one of the most experienced, multi-dimensional, and knowledgeable organizations in the childhood injury space. Since our inception, the work of Safe Kids has contributed to the more than 60 percent reduction in childhood unintentional injury deaths in the U.S.

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Kidde, a leading manufacturer of residential smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, fire extinguishers, and safety accessories, is North America’s #1 home fire safety brand* and has been keeping the world a safer place for over 100 years. Kidde produced the first integrated smoke detection system a century ago and continues its legacy today by delivering advanced home-safety technology. Kidde is a part of Carrier Global Corporation, global leader in intelligent climate and energy solutions.  
*Based on total household installations as of December 2021. 



Honeywell Building Automation is transforming the way every building operates to help improve the quality of life. We are a leading building controls company with operations in more than 75 countries supported by a global channel partner network. Commercial building owners and operators use our hardware, software and analytics to help create safer, more sustainable and productive facilities. Our solutions and services are used in more than 10 million buildings worldwide.
Honeywell creates fire and life safety products that leverage connectivity to help create a smarter and safer world. Honeywell equips customers with life safety systems that provide the earliest detection, enable the fastest responses as well as centralize decision making and management. We aim to create innovative technology design to keep people, including those responsible for saving lives, safe.

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Our company has been manufacturing, wholesaling and distributing high quality early warning fire detection since 1971. In recent years, we leveraged technology to create a better solution for the residential fire & carbon monoxide problem. Along the way we decided to add flood & freeze and hearing impaired solutions as well. We’ve designed and engineered a home safe network right here in our U.S. factory. 


Utilizing military spec components, radio frequency and long lasting industrial grade lithium batteries, we built a wirelessly interconnected network for today’s home. Utilizing our proprietary app and server technology, we text, email and push notify up to 8 emergency contacts when danger or disaster lurks. 


Omnishield brand sensors report the levels of heat, smoke, CO, water and even freezing temperatures and allow homeowners to contact emergency personnel and neighbors within seconds of life or property threatening danger. When seconds count and family comes first, you can trust the Omnishield brand

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